Free Trail of eSIM from Comgate with business 4G routers from Cradlepoint

Supplier of IoT connectivity Comgate is adding its eSIM to the 4G routers of Cradlepoint supplied by distributor Capestone. With the validation of the Cradlepoint 4G routers, which supports the eSIM, Comgate can answer an increasing demand in the market. A major advantage of the Comgate eSIM is that customers have a future-proof connectivity solution in which customers never have to carry out a SIM swap again. An extensive memory on the chip ensures that a profile can be changed over-the-air. To showcase all the possibilities of the Comgate eSIM, you can now take advantage of a special “Free Trial” during the promotional period 11 July to 31 October.

What is a Comgate eSIM?
To unlock data, your devices need data subscriptions that provide high coverage and uptime. Comgate specializes in IoT connectivity solutions. With the eSIM from Comgate you have a future-proof connectivity solution available in different formats. An extensive memory on the chip ensures that you can change profiles over the air. This means that you will never have to replace a SIM card again, but you can look for a profile that you put on it over the air. 

Free Trial
The Free Trail  is in combination with the validated Cradlepoint IBR routers. These business routers are specially developed for M2M and IoT applications. During the promotional period, customers of Comgate and Capestone can use a data bundle of 1 GB per month free of charge when purchasing a Cradlepoint router. After 3 months, the Try & Buy expires and Comgate can advise a customized data solution based on the monitored data usage. In addition, the data solutions are scalable and in combination with personal service.

What do you have to do to receive the eSIM from Comgate
  • After you have placed your Cradlepoint IBR Router order (200, 600, 900, 1700 for 1.3 or 5 years) via the webshop or by telephone, you will receive a separate e-mail with an order form of the eSIM.
  • Fill in the address where you want the eSIM to go to and for which Cradlepoint IBR router you want it to use..
  • Activation of the eSIM happens automatically upon consumption.
  • After 2 months, Comgate will contact you with a no obligation proposal
This way you immediately get more insight into your data usage.

For more information please contact Capestone